ConDoc Pro

Easy professional drawings for permitting and construction

ConDoc Pro offers a full complement of line weights and descriptive dynamic hatches for drawings without compromise. You’ll also get an out-of-the-box system for perfect professional drawings every time.

ConDoc PRO is...


Fully automated and full-featured

ConDoc Pro automates everything you need to document and permit a building: Site Plans, Existing Conditions Plans, Foundation, Construction, and so much more.

Easy to share with your team

A “.condoc” file holds all of your layers, styles, and custom drawings—ready to share with your team for efficiency and consistency.


Designed for collaboration

Load the ConDoc Backgrounds drawing set to generate professional 2D CAD backgrounds as .dwg files. Go ahead and share with your consultants!

ConDoc Toolbar

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Highly configurable

The Configurator lets you make ConDoc your own. Need a sprinkler plan? A lighting plan? A planting plan? It’s all possible with the ConDoc Configurator.


Powerfully organized

Learn our layering method—Level, Element, Location, Condition—and tap into unmatched power. Shuffle through levels and isolate new, existing, and demolished entities with a click.

Wait—ConDoc Tools also does so much more! Learn about ConDoc LT and ConDoc Pro.

Get started with ConDoc Tools

ConDoc extends the capabilities of stock SketchUp with a proven system for organizing 3D models, built-in tools to automate tedious tasks, and all the resources you need to create professional drawings. What’s more, it’s also…

Windows/Mac Compatible

Create professional drawings on either platform.

Standardized & Professional

Meet professional standards with just a few clicks.

Exportable & Printable

Save to .DWG or print to share your ideas with anyone.

Built for SketchUp Pro 22

We continuously keep ConDoc Tools up to date.


Wish you could “polish up” your SketchUp skills before you grab ConDoc Tools?

We love SketchUp Pro so much, we created a full course to teach you how to use it better… And the entire start-to-finish course is included FREE with your subscription to ConDoc Tools.

In other words, if you’re worried you don’t know enough SketchUp—don’t be.
We’ve got you covered!


The missing link between SketchUp and LayOut

Yes, you could make 2D drawings without ConDoc Tools… But why would you want to? ConDoc Tools is the simplest, easiest way to create perspectives, elevations, sections, and plans in SketchUp—then quickly and painlessly export them to LayOut. Start a trial today and experience the power and simplicity of ConDoc Tools for yourself.